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To:           Church Leaders, Staff, and Membership

From:       Brandon Blake

Date:        March 17, 2020

Subject:   Coronavirus Update: Reduction of Campus Activities


Greetings New Sunny Mount,


Thank you for your continued prayers and support of your church family during these unprecedented times.


We have been monitoring the coronavirus concerns. In light of information regarding the spread of the Coronavirus, our church will be limiting church activities. We are suspending the majority of our activities. The following suspension of activities will begin March 17, 2020 through April 3, 2020. Note the following:


  • The church office will be closed. Team members will serve remotely. Periodically, the administrative team will check emails throughout each day.

  • All rehearsals will be cancelled.

  • All bible classes and ministry meetings will be cancelled until further notice. We encourage leaders to utilize platforms like Zoom and to connect with your team members.


We are considering numerous options for our weekend services that will help us to reduce the risk of transmission while continuing our services. We have made many precautions and will continue to be vigilant on how we can best serve our membership and community during this time. Again, we encourage our elderly, those with compromised immune systems, and those potentially exposed to the virus to remain home.


We are committed to keeping the congregation updated regarding any changes to what we have expressed. Please remain prayerful and safe.


For emergencies (like death and virus exposure), contact:

Pastor Donald Douglas           (618) 795-0767

Ms. Twanna Tabb                    (314) 308 – 8720

Mrs. Wanda Keys                    (314) 755-8258





Brandon A. Blake, Pastor

New Sunny Mount Church

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