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Thank you for contacting the Saint Louis County Department of Public Health.  We are very committed to finding and vaccinating 1A providers who do not have access to current vaccination routes.  
Please complete the form below to pre-register for a COVID-19 vaccination from Saint Louis County Department of Public Health (DPH). You can submit a request for yourself (individual) or for an organization/agency.
There are limitations to both vaccine supply & what groups of people are eligible to be vaccinated at this time. DPH will be following the State tiers & guidelines posted on Vaccines are not currently being authorized by the state for the general public.
By submitting this form, you will be added to the contact list for DPH.  We will contact you when we both have vaccine on-hand & you meet the eligibility criteria for vaccination.  The email will contain a private link to schedule yourself and/or your office for a vaccination appointment.
There are several thousand providers in St. Louis County who are potentially eligible for this round of vaccine.  It may be weeks before you can schedule your appointment because of the volume.  Please know that you are a priority for us and we will aggressively work to get you vaccinated as soon as we can.
If you have the opportunity to be vaccinated before DPH has contacted you to schedule your appointment, please go ahead & get vaccinated.
If your employer is an approved vaccination site, DPH recommends you get vaccinated by your employer.  
Please visit for more information or contact if you need assistance in the meantime.

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